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Best organizational structure for project management

What do you think is the best organizational structure for accommodating project management? I assume it is the projectized organizational structure, am I right in my assumption?
asked 8 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Definitely it is the projectized organizational structure. This is because:

- Project managers have formal authority over the resources (Yey!).
- Although project manager do not own the resources even in this type of organizational structure, they do not have to worry about functional managers because they (functional managers) can't just take back their resources whenever they want. In a projetized structure, project managers reserve resources from the functional manager for a specific period of time during which functional managers cannot touch their resources.
- Since all the resources are constantly allocated to projects, the productivity becomes higher (resources will no longer be slacking - each resource have a task to work on).
- The project manager will be able to choose which resources are a best match for his project, and does not have to rely on the functional manager to give him the resources he (the functional manager) thinks are best for the project. Note that although this is great, this advantage can become a problem when there are several similar projects that are being scheduled concurrently, which will mean that there is the potential that several project managers will be trying to allocate the same resources on their projects (however, scheduling conflicts between projects should not exist if the company has a PMO).
answered 8 years ago by anonymous

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