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My project is exceeding budget and behind schedule due to changes. How do I address this?

My project is exceeding the budget and is falling behind schedule due to constant change orders and increasing conflicts in user requirements. How do I address this issue?
asked 9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Before you begin working on a project, it is vital to use a “Requirements Traceability Matrix.”  This project document spells out what “will” be included as a deliverable.  If it’s not on the RTM, it shall not be included in the deliverables.  Excessive Change Orders (compared to the entries on the RTM) can mean that a project has not been properly scoped.  If that is the case, it might be advantageous to stop work and re-examine the entire project. Otherwise, deliver the changes in “Phase II.”
answered 9 years ago by tom_carlos (320 points)

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