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What is informal project management?

What is informal project management and how does it differ from regular (or formal) project management.

My quick research on this topic makes me believe that the term is just a hype and it doesn't exist, and informal project management is just formal project management disguised by using informal techniques.

I will be very grateful if someone knowledgeable on the topic can define it concisely as well as the differences between formal and informal project management (if it's different!).
asked 8 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

No, it is no hype. The term "informal project management" actually exists.

Informal project management is the management of a temporary endeavor (that may or may not be referred to as "project"), by someone who is not a project manager, without really calling the whole process project management.

Informal project management does not follow a methodology (in contrast with formal project management).

Informal project management is a common way to manage projects in traditional (line) organizations.

I think in a few years from now informal project management will cease to exist when most companies become matrix or projectized.
answered 7 years ago by LazyManager (750 points)

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