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How does delegation work in project management?

I understand how delegation works if the person is a functional manager, but if he's a project manager, how does it work? What are the tasks to delegate and how to choose what to delegate and who to delegate to?
asked 7 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Delegation is the same whether your a project manager, functional manager, or any other kind of manager: You just delegate routine and/or non important tasks. As a project manager, you may also delegate some critical tasks (such as scheduling), provided the person you are delegating to has the expertise to do them (for example, an assistant project manager).

Some routines tasks that should be delegated are:

- Low level reporting, including status updates
- Consulting with the team for task estimation

Some critical tasks that can be delegated if the person has the expertise to handle them:

- Scheduling the project (Some project managers just oversee the scheduling process), including task estimation and resource allocation
- Creating the different project management documents (including the project proposal, the project charter, etc...)
- Advising team members on the best course of action to execute their tasks
- Contract management and vendor management (these tasks are usually delegated to a project coordinator)

What's interesting about the job of the project manager is that all of his tasks, with the exception of stakeholder management, can be delegated to one of the following:

- Project Manager Assistant (helping out on documents)
- Assistant Project Manager (almost doing everything that a project manager does)
- Project coordinator (handling team issues, contract management, vendor management)
- Team leader (estimating tasks, resource allocation, and resource management at the technical level).
answered 7 years ago by LonelyProjectManager (4,420 points)

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