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How can I create my own framework for the project management?

asked 8 years ago by Mona (170 points) edited 8 years ago by humblepm

1 Answer

The question is, why do you want to do this? There are plenty of frameworks out there and you can just pick one, for sure one of them will fit your needs.

There are several disadvantages to create your own framework:

- You will spend a considerable time doing so
- You will find once you start working on your projects, that your framework is missing something
- You keep changing you framework to make it tailored to your needs
- Your can't blame any problem on the framework, because you built it, after all!
- If you move to another company and another person takes your position, then will surely throw your framework in the bin and use one of those standard frameworks.

I can't answer you on how you can build a framework (this is a very long discussion), and I wasn't able to find a decent article so that I can point to it here...

Anyway, try to use one of the existing frameworks, they are all well thought, and that's why people use them, and you can always blame it on the framework :)
answered 8 years ago by anonymous

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