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What are the ways to remind management that your project is important?

Unfortunately for me, management has forgotten all about my project. What can I do to remind management/stakeholders that my project exists, and it's still important for the company?
asked 7 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Unless your project is really important, there is no way to remind management that your project is important, and they are not stupid if you think about conning them into thinking that your project is important after all.

Now after we established the above, and assuming your project is important, I believe they're not acknowledging the presence of your project because a mistake you made, when was the last time you updated them about the status of your project, when was the last time you held a meeting with them to discuss the latest on the project, when was the last time you processed their change requests?

Now if your project is really important and your doing all the above, then maybe you shouldn't need to worry, stakeholders are not your mother, they don't call you because they miss you (and they will never miss you), they're not there to make you feel better about yourself. Don't expect emails from them for no reason, just to make sure that your project is alright, it is always your job to inform them, and not their job to ask you. The only time you will receive emails from stakeholders is when there is a change request, or when they discover that there's something really wrong with the project and they want to address it with you.
answered 7 years ago by humblepm (17,390 points)

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