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How to write a project brief?

How do you write a project brief? What should be included in it? Can you provide with a template or a simple guidelines on how to write it?
asked 7 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

The project brief is a project management document that will both the stakeholders and the team managers a (somehow) detailed idea about the project. In construction projects, execution can start once the project brief is approved by the project board.

The project brief should contain the following sections:

- The purpose of the document: A small paragraph explaining what is the purpose of the project brief, who should use it and how.
- Background information: Why is this project undertaken? How was it selected? What are the benefits of undertaking this project?
- Project Definition: The project definition is split in 2 parts:
    - Project objectives: See an examples of project objectives here: http://www.projectmanagementquestions.com/77/an-example-of-a-project-objective
    - Project preliminary scope: A listing of the main deliverables in the project. In your document, you have to show to have an Appendix, showing each work package, the description of the work for that work package, when it will start, when will it end, what are the dependencies, and what are the deliverables for these work packages.
    - Project Structure: How will the hierarchy look in this project? This is important because in any project we need to know who reports to whom, as well as the roles of every person on this project. See an example here: http://www.projectmanagementquestions.com/1013/what-is-project-management-structure-in-project-management . Note that it is better to provide a graph representing the project structure (easier to read).
    - Exclusions: What should be excluded from the project, this is because some features that are usually present in the product may be omitted in this project.
    - Constraints: List any constraints you have on this project, for example, "the project has to be finished by June of 2012".
    - Risks: List the known risks for the project.

The project brief is distributed to the project stakeholders (including the project sponsor and the project board), and to the team managers.

Here's a great example I have found to be very useful about the project brief: http://www.norfolkconnect.gov.uk/norfolkconnect-papers/documents/Project_Brief_1.pdf
answered 7 years ago by TheManager (6,220 points)

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