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What are the characteristics of a responsible project manager?

Please list all the characteristics that define a responsible project manager, for example. By responsible project manager I mean a project manager who actually cares about the details of the project, and ultimately having a successful project.
asked 9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

Responsible project managers are...

- Always there when you need them.
- Willing to dedicate to sacrifice their own well-being (including working over time, neglecting their own personal lives and their significant others) to finish the project on time.
- Aware of any minute detail in the project, whether this detail is a requirement, a task, a conflict, an issue, or a risk.
- Involved (willingly) at every step of the project.
- Punctual: They always arrive on time, whether its a meeting or it's just coming to work at 9.
- Reliable... When they are working on a project, the stakeholders know that this project is in good hands.
- Ethical: They will never do anything against their own conscience.
- Humble: Humility is an important characteristic of responsible project managers. Whatever good their achievement is, they share the credit with their team members, because they know that this will motivate them (the team members), and will make the project move faster. Their aim, as responsible people, is to put the interests of the project ahead of their own.
- Accountable: They admit their mistakes, no matter how big they are, and they don't try to blame others for something they did.
answered 9 years ago by humblepm (17,390 points)

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