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Project vision example

I understand that the project vision is about explaining how the project, when it's done, will shape the world (or so we project managers think). However, I couldn't find a decent example of the project vision. Can someone please give me a concise example of a project vision (I don't need to know how to write the project vision, I just want to know how it looks like).

Additionally, I have a few other questions:

- What is the ideal length of the project vision (a sentence or a page?).
- Who writes the project vision?
- Who approves it?
asked 9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

First, the project vision is part of the project charter, which means that it's usually written by the project manager after consultation with the client and the sponsor. It is then approved by the client,  the project sponsor, and the stakeholders (who may include senior executive).

The typical length of a the project vision is a small paragraph, no more than 200 words, in which you describe, in ideal terms, how the "world" will benefit from this project, and how it's better from the competition.

Here's an example of the project vision, let's say we are building a collaboration tool for a client called John Smith, and that collaboration tool is called xCollab:

[what is the product] xCollab is a [what is the type of this product] online collaboration tool developed for our client, [who is it done for] John Smith, [why is it done] based on his requests to simplify communications between his employees, who are dispersed across 3 continents. [what will it do] xCollab will reduce all the communication overhead between the employees, will improve the efficiency, will make the projects more transparent, and reporting a breeze. Resources and managers alike will be able to reduce their routine work (such as sending emails) when using xCollab. [list advantages over competitors] xCollab has an advantage over yCollab [the competitor is yCollab] because it will run on the company's servers, making the product more secure, and preserving the confidentiality of the data.

Karl Wiegers has an excellent template for the vision statement (inside a bigger template for the project charter), you can find it here: http://www.projectinitiation.com/process_assets/Project%20Charter%20Template.doc (this is a word document).
answered 9 years ago by humblepm (17,390 points)

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