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Why is communications planning important for project management?

Please explain, in broad terms, why you think that communication planning is important in project management.

It would be nice if you can provide some examples explaining how communication planning helps the project.
asked 9 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

The importance of the communications planning lies in its clarification of how will communication work in the project.

Communications in a project can be described in the Project Communications Matrix, that contains:

- The initiator of the communication
- The receiver(s) of the communication
- The communication type (standard reporting, urgent, etc...)
- The method of the communication (email, phone call, meeting, etc...)
- The frequency of the communication (daily, weekly, monthly)

Here's an example of a row in the above document:

- Project Manager (initiator)
- Project Stakeholders (receiver)
- Status reporting
- Meeting
- Monthly

Another example:

- Project Manager
- Project change control board
- Change request approval
- Meeting
- On Demand

And another example:

- Project Manager
- Project Team
- Status Meeting
- Meeting
- Weekly
answered 8 years ago by LonelyProjectManager (4,420 points)

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