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Critical path PMP questions?

I am currently studying for my PMP exam. My project management experience is limited, and my knowledge of some of the basic concepts is still weak. Although I understand what the critical path is and how to calculate it, I'm not sure I can answer anything else other than that when it comes to this topic. What are the questions that I may face on my PMP exam about this particular topic?
asked 10 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

First I advise you strengthen your project management skills and knowledge before applying for the PMP. Even if you pass the PMP when you're weak, you're not doing yourself (nor your company) any favor.

As for your question on the critical path, make sure you fully understand the concept. What is the point of the critical path? Why do we have it? (Answer: The critical path is an excellent tool for estimating how much time a project will take and determining critical tasks).

Make sure you understand how to calculate the critical path as well as all the associated terms (EF, ES, LS, LF). Here's the formula of the critical path:

Critical Path = Σ(EF - ES) of all predecessor tasks with the longest EF + (EF - ES) of the last task

Again, I suggest you work more on yourself as a project manager before applying for the PMP.
answered 9 years ago by humblepm (17,390 points)

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